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Welcome to the Quad Cities!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Quad Cities. QC Links is filled with links to web sites of various places in the Quad City area. Our goal is to provide useful and accurate information on the Quad Cities

QC is maintained for the use of clients of the Augustana Web Guild. This student-run web development group does work for many non-for-profit organizations as well as local businesses.

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Behind QC Links

The Augustana Web Authors Guild is a student-led campus organization that provides a number of services to both the campus and the community. They include: Web Skills Training, Professional Web Design, and Extensive Web-Oriented Resources.


Though the Web Guild constantly strives to emulate a modern web development firm through its dedication to quality design, the group has never lost touch of one of it's founding missions: to educate and elighten the community in and around Augustana College about the incredible diversity and power of the internet.

The web guild currently works towards this goal through two initiatives:

  • Incredibly discounted web design for non-profit organizations
  • Free seminars on web authoring available to all Augustana
    College students and facultyClick to read more